The ephemeral tattoo is applied to dry skin (face, arms, foot, etc.) with a little water.

1. Remove the transparent protective sheet.

2. Place the tattoo (face) on the skin.

3. Wet the paper (back) well with a few drops of water (use a finger to pat or a wet sponge to thoroughly impregnate).

4. After about 20 seconds, carefully remove the paper from the arm.

The tattoo is transferred. Let air dry.

The tattoo can perfectly hold on the skin for a few days.

remove the tattoo


Several methods:

* With a little oil

Coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil or Argan oil, will be effective allies to remove a temporary tattoo. Using the soaked cloth or cotton swab, gently massage the tattoo in a circular motion.

* With beauty cream

The fatty substances of creams are known to have the ability to remove glue and ink.

So take any moisturizer and spread it over the tattooed area. Let it sit. Then clean with warm water and cotton.

* The make-up remover

Apply a little makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently rub the tattooed skin.

* A little solvent

Known in the world of cosmetics to remove nail polish, the remover is also very effective for ephemeral tattoos. On a piece of cotton, soak a small amount of solvent. The temporary tattoo will disappear but it will then be necessary to clean the skin with warm water and soap, because the solvent is a product that emits a strong smell.


—Do not rub too hard: to avoid damaging the skin when removing the tattoo, rub gently and use a soft sponge or exfoliating cloth.

—Moisturize the skin after removal: Regardless of the method used, always apply a moisturizer to the skin after removing the temporary tattoo. This will soothe your skin and keep it healthy.

* Alternative: Do nothing

Wait so that the tattoo fades by itself in small days..